I'm vain. And I'm OK with that.

At the gently-ripe age of 38, I've been called many things in my life - prissy...vain...high-maintenance...entertaining!... but the word 'conceited' irked me.

So, I looked it up and surprisingly, I LIKED what I found.

a) Having an imagination; fanciful; whimsical; 

b) Intelligent; clever   (......and once long ago......)

c) Having an opinion; 

There is one definition I choose to ignore, however.

d) Having an 'excessively' favorable opinion of one's own ability or importance" ...



Pictures from 5 years ago show lids that are a little more lifted and a little less softness around the jawline. (Sigh) Life moves us from plateaus to plains and back again, but no matter how much we try, time marches on and we can't stop it. The thing is this. Someone's else's ideas about how special, or beautiful or talented you are holds zero sway when it comes to the business of being YOU.

So enjoy being you! Adorn yourself. Make yourself beautiful. With each passing year, it does take a little more effort haha. With these simple tips, you can stay fresh, polished and simply beautiful everyday (no matter how many years young you are!).



There are two things that completely changed my face. The first is switching to all natural soaps and pure oils to protect my skin. I knew that what my skin was missing was balance, but for me, that couldn't be acheived using commercial chemical products. Starting and ending with natural ingredients and ditching the unnecessary extras allowed my skin to rest enough to find its own balance. As a result, I found the best way to take care of it.

The second is my Clairsonic. The closest thing to a time machine, this little device has gently buffed away fine lines, helped eliminate uneven skin and allows for better absorption of my herbal cremes. The least expensive model starts at around $99 and can be purchased at retailers like Sephora, or at Clairsonic's website. I've had mine for 4 years and it's still worth every penny!

For an effortlessly polished look, a well-shaped brow does wonders for every woman. It opens the eyes and gives your face life! Add a quick dash of mascara and lip conditioner, and you're ready for the day!



How many times have you seen a well groomed woman with a "neck-line" that looks a few years older than she does? No bueno. To keep a few steps ahead, I give my neck just as much attention as my face, including using my Clairsonic, soaps and the herbal creme I designed to balance sebum production and promote cell turnover. Use upwards strokes and rest a few minutes before applying makeup for best results.



I have my Daddy's hand, which are strong and wrinkle-y. Add to that making and testing tons of soap, and we have a little problem. Dry, unkempt nails and papery skin can reveal a woman's age faster than her original birth certificate.

Don’t waste your precious elixirs on a towel or by washing it down the drain! Simply apply any remaining product to the back of your hands and fingers. A little of that masque left? Fight those liver spots! Exfoliating? Get the webbing between your fingers and don't forget those cuticles!

Best part - no extra pennies from your pocketbook.  

So, the next time someone calls you something like "conceited"... Thank them. And then blow yourself a kiss, baby.